Probate and Estate Administration
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If you have recently lost a friend or family member, finding a lawyer to advise you with respect to probate law suddenly becomes very important.  In New Jersey, there are a variety of factors that will influence how an estate can be created and administered, including whether the decedent died with a will or without a will.  A court proceeding is necessary to begin an estate administration, and you will want a knowledgeable attorney to guide you through the process.  If you are the beneficiary of an estate, you will undoubtedly have questions about your rights with respect to the estate property.  If you have been named as an independent executor of an estate or as trustee of a trust, you will need to understand your responsibilities under the law so that you can fulfill your duties and be protected from liability.
Our offices advise clients in every capacity with respect to probate proceedings, and we are particularly experienced with complicated administration matters.  If you need assistance in initiating an estate proceeding or if you have a concern or problem with an ongoing estate administration, we can help you to understand your rights and legal options. Whether you need help with a complex, contested probate matter or a straightforward estate administration, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.



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